Friday, September 15, 2006


My regular ninth graders have been challenged! Instead of education as usual where the teacher gives all the information to the kids, I have asked my students to create the information for Inherit the Wind. They are seeking out the background information, creating the class study guide, and deciding what vocabulary THEY think is important to learn and use. Take a look at what they are doing and where they are going...


Hatak said...

I too have asked some of my students to create a wiki to investigate and share a topic in Astronomy. (Actually, one is invited to comment on this page and I hope he does.) The historical side of astronomy is one that the students have a difficult time connecting with and I thought this might be a good way to get them started down that path. They spent the better part of two days gathering information about the astronomers and then through a group, they put together a wiki about one of the astronomers. I think they are off to a good start and will be polishing the page through out the year (even adding new pages as we get to the information).

Who knows. They might even start to gain interest in a math/science field.

To see their work, goto:

Jim Gates said...

I LOVE this idea! Can't wait to share it. Just one thing, though, that I'm sure the teachers will say, "That means that I"m going to have to check for plagiarism on every page!"

No doubt. So, I think the teacher will have to make a point out of finding those instances and forcing the students to correct them. Hopefully, if done often enough at the beginning it won't be required as often later.

"I don't have time to be doing that." (But, they know who is left on the island) I guess we just have to focus on those teachers who DO want to make this available to students and forget the rest - until they come around.

Hikingout said...


Hope I got your attention, this is very IMPORTANT.

I have an URGENT message. Today in AP Gov, Meyer brought up a very interesting bill called the DELETING ONLINE PREDATORS BILL, despite the nice title, the bill will destroy what we and the Arapahoe High School staff have attempted to create. Please research this bill. The gist of the bill is that all access to chat rooms, BLOGS, myspace,and perhaps even simpler pages that might allow students to display any kind of personal information will be denied to students.

This bill will be extremely detrimental to the education, will destroy everything we have worked hard to establish, and eliminate the benefits to internet in the classroom that many of you enjoy. THIS BILL PASSED IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES BY A VOTE OF 410-15. Our time window is incredibly short to take any kind of action against this bill before it is passed by the Senate and it WILL be passed. We must take action now, IF THERE IS A WAY TO ORGANIZE A MEETING FOR CONCERNED STUDENTS I WOULD BE GRACIOUS FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO GET A ROOM AND ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Any strategies on how not to get this bill passed would be greatly appreciated, I have a few, but I would prefer one in which I don't have to be suspended or expelled :).

Teacher help would be greatly appreciated.