Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Romancing Your Computer

While 12 of my Honors American Literature students were in Hawaii, I decided do to a little experiment with the somewhat grumpy students who were left behind. I gave them the following objective: Develop your own understanding of American Romantic poetry based on the resources in your book; select and incorporate at least one extension, such as Romantic art, Romantic music, British Romantic poetry, or your own, original Romantic poetry. Use Photostory to present your findings.

I showed them how to use Photostory, helped them individually with interpreting tough poems, and then just gave them time. The results were impressive, and discussing the poems in small groups with individual attention was much more effective and engaging than discussing the poems with the whole class.

When we shared the Photostories in class, students voted on the following categories: Most Deeply Analytical, Most Sublime, and Most Creative and Entertaining. The winners are worth taking a few minutes to enjoy if you have time:



Sarah said...

Love your work ... I will share it with teachers who may wish to use digital storytelling with their students. The music which accompanies each piece is well-chosen -- and the wind blowing is just as effective as music on Pullara/Harden's piece. Finally, because your work is "publishable" -- take a moment to check your spelling -- don't underestimate the importance of this final polishing!

Please understand that the comments are only shared to make your fabulous work accessible to everyone -- because your work is worth being seen and heard.

Parietti/Lueders ~ Can you extend the time for each slide. I'm a really fast reader, but did not have time to read, digest, and enjoy your comments and images! Crellin's piece is the speed I think would work ... Crellin has less per page and that works. (Pullara/Harden -- divide the poem up so that there are fewer lines per page...)

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing work.

im said...
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