Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New Kind of Rhyme Podcasts

Towards the end of the poetry unit, Maura Moritz suggested having the Honors students podcast at least one of their poems. The kids were very receptive to do this as you can tell with the creativity in their poem choices that they selected to read. It adds so much to their own work by having them read it to their audience in the manner it was intended rather than the audience only being able to interpret the poem on their own. Happy listening!

Please note there are four players below (the Odeo player only allows 20 at a time). The first two players are for Period 2, then the next two are for Period 5.


Diane P said...

Applause for some great poetry. They really created some wonderful images-Brian G- a little scare.;)

Patrick Higgins said...

Very impressive effort by all. I love this type of event, where you can immortalize, sort of, student work.

We are thinking of doing this with some chapters from The Diary of Anne Frank, provided we get the proper permissions. Was Odeo difficult to work with?