Wednesday, June 13, 2007

US History Student Samples

So I finally have some student samples to share.

First, we attempted a group project that intended to see the creation of documentaries regarding the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and the Civil Rights Movement. While some groups did produce strong documentaries utilizing some great interviews, the projects probably did more to teach us about the many potential problems with compatibility - technological and personal!

More successful and educational were the individual projects. Many stuck out to me as being entertaining and informative. One used claymation to explain the history of dance in America. Others dealt with topics ranging from genocide to fashion and fads.

I have chosen two to share. The first is a more traditional movie that I felt was well done addressing the issue of espionage: Cold War Espionage

The second is a power point that, to me, takes power points into the next generation. This student created a constructivist presentation that allows the user to determine their path. This project looks at military technolgy : US Military Technology



Karen Janowski said...

You are right - that is an excellent, interactive PowerPoint presentation. I'm sure Ben learned a great deal in creating the multi-media project.
I am curious to know what template he used. I love the sticky note feature with text. Very Cool!
Thank you for sharing.

bethstill said...

I am trying to learn more about constructivism and I landed on your site. I took a look at the powerpoint that the student created. What program did he use? It was excellent!