Thursday, October 11, 2007

Audio of PLN Presentations

Anna K.
Josh TS.
Brandon H.
Alex E.
Lauren E.
Alena V.
Sean B.
Carter W.
Carter W. 2
Joey W.
Annie S.
Berek M.
Kelly S.
Angelica O.
Lauren E. 2
Xavia H.
Alena V. 2
Dennis K.
Sean B. 2
Brandon H. 2
Anna K. 2
Lauren P.
Samantha H.
Jackie N.
Mandi G.
Ethan L.
Berek M. 2
Sean D.
Adam A.
Kelly S. 2
Mandi G. 2
Alex E. 2
Joey W. 2
Samantha H. 2
Annie S. 2
Jackie N. 2
Lauren P. 2
Adam A. 2
Ethan L. 2
Josh TS. 2
Dennis K. 2
Sean D. 2
Xavia H. 2


laurenp said...

In our audio PLN presentation pretty good, but I think there are a couple of things that we could work on. Such as because we are podcasting it know what you are going to say because if you listen to the podcasts, sometimes you could hear the ummmmms of people or people being stuck not knowing and thinking about what they are going to say. In other words we could practice saying our presentations before we do them in class.

samh said...

As I was listening to our presentations I could hear that people were nervous which is expected, but I think if we would practice our presentations a couple of times before actually presenting them we would be better off. So I agree with what Lauren said about practicing. I think that we forget that these presentations are on the internet, but I think we need to become a little bit better at staying solid and knowing what to say next.

avereel said...

Our presentations went pretty well. Most of us spoke really clearly; I could hear most of what people said. However, there were definitely some things we could improve on. Sometimes, voices would fade of, which may have to do with the microphone being moved around on people’s clothes. Also, and I totally understand why this is a problem, but we all had pretty weak conclusions, the type that ended with “ummmm yeah”, and “well, I guess that’s it”. I realize its hard to come up with conclusions, and even harder to state them in front of the class, but we all really need to work on our endings. Other than a few umms and other filler words, I think we did pretty well for our first time

annies said...

Our audio PLNs were pretty good. Better then I thought they would be. But I think we should work on an actual ending instead of just saying, "and... ya?" For one thing, it sounds like a question, and two, it isn't a strong ending at all. I also think more people should have had a question at the end, and if they did, they should have recorded the answers they got from the audience.

angelicao said...

I thought that most of our pln podcasts were very good. Alot of the presentors sounded nervous but you could still understand them. There were many good pln desciptions. We are getting better at summarizing up our entries. None of them were too long but some of them were too short. I think that everyone should keep this in mind and make sure they are presenting their presentaions the right amount of information and time.