Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Classifying Galaxies

In the astronomy class that I am a part of, as the teacher, we are ending our study of how astronomers classify galaxies. We have covered this material many different ways in the courses that I have taught. The most effective way has been to look at images and classify them as the astronomers have. Then we check our work.

This Thursday, we are going to attempt something new...

We have covered all of the discussions on how galaxies are classified and attempted to classify some images of galaxies. Now for the fun part! There is a set of images on-line that the students can assist in classifying. We will attempt to pass the exam for a qualified person who is going to classify galaxies. Then using the computers in the classroom, we will access a database of images and begin assisting astronomers with the chore of galaxy classification. http://campustechnology.com/articles/49118 I am not sure how this will work but rest assured that I will be back this week to complete this post.

I cannot wait for the students to help with "real" science.

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