Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brave New World Montage Podcasts

Last year, Lauren and I were talking about doing something different with chapter 3 of Brave New World in order to help the kids understand the effect of what Huxley was satirizing. I explained to her a montage assignment I had learned from Cheryl and Marlys. Lauren, of course, developed the assignment into a fabulous creative piece and I added a wee bit of technology. We even created a sample for our students to listen to in order to get them thinking. (Teacher Sample Montage)
Last year, I didn't quite follow Lauren's detailed directions, but simply had the students create a montage of various quotes from the chapter. However, this year I asked them to trace one theme Huxley could be trying to warn us of (price of progress, sex, loss of family, loss of individuality, consumerism, etc...). After they selected the quotes from the chapter, they were to create a script of their montage, and then finally record it using different voices for the various characters.

Here are some sample scripts: (more will come as they turn them in)


Here are the completed montages:

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