Friday, November 28, 2008

Learning Adventure 9

The Learning Adventure after that (through Thanksgiving) will involve the viewing of the "Comedian" film.

Like Donna, one thing I noticed is how much trial and error there seems to be in perfecting his craft. While watching the movie, I was immediately struck with how similar teaching is to Seinfeld's process. Much like Seinfeld, I find myself starting over year after year coming up with new and interesting material and trying it out on my students. I want them to have a learning experience in my classroom like no other, and I am certain that Seinfeld wants his material to make an impression on his audience as well.

What amazed me too is how we all learn from others. Learning clearly is a social activity. Seinfeld takes cues and advice from the experts around him, as we do as educators. We try something out, see how it goes, gauge the reaction of our audience and either build off the results or regroup and go a different direction. Also, the teacher who tries something different isn't always respected as Orny showcases. I think teaching and comedy are crafts that require reinvention to continue to engage your audience. Also, the feedback from the audience allows for the educator or comedian to grow and change or to become more stagnant feeling that the audience doesn't know what they are talking about.

I have to say what I really loved about this learning adventure was watching my favorite comedian reflect on his craft. You could watch as he reflected and embraced the change, he grew. It is so scary to try something new, to put yourself out there for others to criticize, to build new material and not rely on using what has always worked in past.

I am excited to hear everyone else's reaction. Donna and Matt- well done.

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