Monday, January 26, 2009

Tutorial Reactions

The tutorials put on by OERI were quite detailed and overwhelming. I guess that is not an area I am pursuing and might be a reason, although a lame one, to not pursue my doctorate. (Having just come from a F2F with my OMET group, there are a number who are interested in pursuing their doctorate. It is not something I had totally considered until talking with them, and now after talking with them, there are inklings in my mind of doing it.)

After putting together a presentation on qualitative analysis for MR and the OMET group, I really can see now how imperative it is to divulge everything about the process you used while compiling and coding research as well as the methodology of accumulating the data. There are just so many areas where if you are not careful or truthful about the process, your data doesn’t work to prove anything. This is good to keep in mind seeing as how I need to probably go over my cycle one data again (even though I am dreading it) to enhance and better support my cycle one report. I really wish I had seen these tutorials before I had written my report. Is that payback for doing the paper early even though MR had suggested it? Hmmm… Also, there are so many different kinds of data one is able to collect and in so many different manners that once again, it all comes down to ensuring that you really well document your process.

Soon, I am going to start interviewing for my cycle two report. I am hoping to do something I learned from the OERI tutorials. The site talked about collecting a good sampling of data and how to go about this process. Well, I was just going to pick some kids who I thought would have something to say about the No D policy and multiple redos. According to the site, that doesn’t seem to be the best way to go about this process, so I thought I would now refine my thinking and complete a two step process. Step one would be to administer a survey to all the students with more closed response questions and then do a random sampling for the interviews to see if the random sampling is representative of the larger group.

Knowing what I know now about qualitative analysis and adding to that the information from the OERI tutorial, I need to move forward and put together a survey for the students. I hope to get this accomplished soon so that I can get some feedback from my LC about the questions. I am just not sure from my first semester cycle that I asked the best questions (although according to the tutorial they were good because they addressed my goal). What I am hoping is that I can take the survey results and match them to the personal interviews which will take place at the end of February to see If they correlate and if not, try to determine why. So, I definitely have some work ahead of me trying to create a survey as well as interview questions for personal interview time with my ninth graders.

Thinking ahead, I am wondering if that is something I also need to be doing with Randon especially with cycle three starting as soon as I get the go ahead from him. So much to think about….

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