Monday, March 02, 2009

ED 665: Week 9

From your experience in OMET thus far, what design practice has resonated with you the most? Why?

I am not sure what would classify under design practice, but I think what has resonated so far with me has been the work with learning circles in all classes. We began our work with learning circles in Virt Camp, and this quickly transferred into our fall LCs and now we have our LC work in the spring. What has amazed me the most about our work with LCs has been how meaningful it has been. From LCs in our action research project to our LC’s that develop out of group work in our other classes, all have been useful. I was disappointed at first to have a change in our LC from fall because I received so much valuable feedback from my first LC group. They were such a tremendous influence on my AR work and thinking, it was always sad to think about leaving them. But now I can see the transferability of what I learned from them into my new LC group.
Thinking about the design of the classes with using LC’s I can really see the value of the choice. Not only are we all becoming experts, and we all have something to offer to one another, especially when everyone participates, but we are all growing and learning from the experience. Each of us brings a variety of experience and information/ learning to our discussions and assignments. When we open up ourselves to listen to those around us, we all grow and learn from the experience sometimes leaving with affirmations of your understandings, sometimes questioning your understanding, and sometimes leaving with more questions, or new realizations.
I think in this kind of online Masters’ program as well as any learning environment, so much can be gleaned from those around you. The learning becomes infectious, the questioning becomes standard, and we all flourish as a result.

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