Sunday, February 28, 2010

Have you tried these tools?

Last weekend, I attended Learning2.0 up in Loveland and heard Amy White talk about some tools she uses in her classrom. I showed these to my students as soon as I got bakc Monday morning. They wanted the tools to all be in one place so they could come back and find them. SO... resource of things that help with web 2.0 applications (go look at the e-learning tab) -Marilyn Western’s Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers presentation and summarization of reading make a video from images- (every time you create something, you get points)-create own people and scenes; more time consuming than Xtranormal. going beyond Powerpoint –show relationships between three ideas/symbols/pictures Kaleidocycle
make your own photo collage –create posters
create posters with photos post reading of novel.


PowerPoint- illuminated texts- animate words to come alive with words or phrases in text
Great idea for poetry!Select text and animate text using animate feature

Garage Band-podcasting and music –could use for interviews (Audacity and Finale Notepad)
(Create a song for the character in the novel- make sure to couple this with narrative and reflection about creating piece)

iMovie- digital storytelling instead of personal narrative (Photostory? Moviemaker)
make the example with video, stills, and voiceover so kids can see all those elements


Clive said...

Comics are a great tool for learning in the classroom. We invite you to try out Pixton, a click-n-drag easy comic creator with movable characters and photo uploading! Your students will love it.

Thanks, Clive

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Julie Carle said...

Here is an example of using Xtranormal. Bob and Sue are two adult learners returning to Higher Education. The videos are set in the UK Open Uni Network site Cloudworks