Monday, April 16, 2012

Visitors from Canada

The Toronto Public Schools' School Board and teachers came to visit Littleton Public Schools in early April to see examples of exemplary technology use in education. The group stopped by AHS for presentations from our 9th graders on the various ways we use technology to enhance our learning.  We created a presentation fair. The kids broke up into groups around the room with each group selecting one project or idea they wanted to showcase to the touring group.  Accolades were bestowed upon the kids numerous times from the group attending.  Way to rise to the challenge Warriors!
Renee Howell speaking with the students after their presentation

Maggie and Emily presenting on TED talks

Rachael, Cole, Brooke, Savannah, and Jordan presenting poetry

James, Madison, Bekah, Jacqueline, Sarah, Ellie presenting on Wikified Research Papers

Wikified Research Paper presentations

Presentation Fair: kids leading the way

Brian, Troy, Marco, and Lauren presenting about Loggel
Monica, Sam, Emily C and Jeremy presenting about scribing, Google calendar, and Google Presentation

Amanda, Meagan, Cassi, Hunter, Zoey, and Maddie presenting about QR codes and banned book movie trailers

Zoe and Mackenzie presenting about CoveritLive and skyping with authors

Sanjay, Andrew, and Colin presenting about Chicago 7, Marcus Yallow, and Ned Kelly presentations

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