Monday, November 19, 2007

Reflections on PLN...12 weeks in

I want you to take some time and really reflect on our use of Personal Learning Networks. Think about the following questions and compose a detailed and thoughtful response in order to guide our use of PLNs for second semester.

1. What do you like about PLNs?
2. What are some challenges of PLNs?
3. What do you think of the PLN presentations in class on Fridays?
4. Does reflecting on your presentation in an evaluative form in your personal blog help you?
5. Do you access the audio version of your PLN presentation? If so, does it help you? If not, why not?
6. Does it help you to read the reactions of your classmates to your presentation?
7. Are the categories of your subscriptions helpful?
8. When you don't complete an assigned PLN, why don't you?
9. Are there any suggestions or changes you think we need to make for next semester?


adama said...

PLN's seem to be very helpful.I like them because we get to learn about soccer,tachnology and news that is going on in the world today. Sometimes it is a little difficult trying to find new and interesting articles because it seems like they follow the same article for like a month and give new details about it and I usully want to do a new topic.Also I like PLN presentation on friday's becuse we get to learn about new things and stuff that is happening in the world today and it does help to have diffent subsriptions in folders. Sometimes when I don't complete a PLN it's seems like a lot to do. One suggestion is maybe only do 1 PLN a week instead on 2.

seand said...

1. I like that PLN’s are something that we relate to. It isn’t like writing about a book that the teacher assigned. They always are something that I want to read about and that I find interesting.

2. The main challenge with PLN’s for me is finding the articles. Once I find one it is easy for me to write about it because it is something that interests me. A lot of times it takes me a lot longer to find an article than to write my PLN.

3. I think it is a good idea to have PLN presentations in class although I do not personally enjoy it. It makes students take time to talk to the class about what they have been doing with their Personal Learning Network. I am not good at speaking in front of audiences but I guess this is one way to get better at it.

4. I don’t think reflecting on the blog necessarily helps me with my PLN presentation. I already know what I need to improve on and I have read what other people thought of my presentation so I don’t think it really helped to reflect on the blog.

5. I haven’t listened to the audio version of my presentation yet. I’m sure it will help me to improve on my next presentation. I think I spoke too softly and I’m sure I sounded nervous so that recording will help me to hear that and improve.

6. It helped a lot to read the reactions from my classmates. I really wasn’t sure how I did on my presentation so it was nice to see what other people thought. It gave me something to build off of for my next presentation.

7. It is helpful to have my subscriptions in categories. I like to be organized and know where everything is when I do school work so it was nice to have that. It helps you to find what you are looking for much faster and gives you more time to work.

8. If I don’t complete an assignment it is usually because I didn’t feel well and just went to bed, or I had a lot of other work and I forgot to do it. I try to get my assignments done because it really hurts your overall grade when you get a zero.

9. I don’t really have any suggestions to make for the PLN’s. The only thing I think you could do is let the students choose their own categories at the beginning of the semester instead of waiting until the end.

brandonh2011 said...

PLN'S are just a regular thing no and what I like the most is how you are up to date on a lot things either through the things you write about or what other people talk about in there presentations and you can see what views people have on topics you can agree or disagree. Some challenges from doing PLN'S are just finding an article to read about there isn’t always an article that interests you so that is the big challenge with PLN'S.The presentations on Friday are somewhat interesting I seem to get knowledge out of it unless it is a bad speaker I like doing the presentations though. Yes it helps me because I look back and I see if how I prepared for it compared closely or if I did better. The audio version helps you can see if your speaking style is good and what you need to work on. Yes it does it shows there thoughts on your ideas and what you need help on it helps a lot. The categories help because if there is a certain idea you are looking for you look under the folder and find your type of articles. Sometimes I don’t because either I forget to do it no interesting articles. I don’t think there needs to be any changes.

joeyw said...

1. The main thing I'de say that I like about PLN's is that it keeps me up to date with current events. I pretty much never watch the news or the radio so PLN's really connect me to what's going on in the world.
2. I think the main challange of wrinting PLN's is finding somehting that you're really interested in and that you can write a what matters and a how it connects to the world.
3. I think they're a really good thing because not only is it telling your classmates what you care about and something important but it also prepeares us for when we have jobs in the future and when we're going to have to present then as well.
4. Yes because instead of just having someone tell you what's wrong you actually look at your self and notice what's wrong as well but you're more likely to correct it.
5. No I don't, I'de say the main reason is I kind of forget about it.
6. Yes, because it not only tells you what you did well and to continue doing but what you did bad and how to improve your presentations.
7. I'de say the ones that we added personally are much better than the ones we added in clase because it's something that we really care about and somehting we can really expand on.
8. I usually do.
9. Just to continue to add our won subscriptions.

laurene said...

I like the PLN’s because they help me learn how to use online resources and yet still get to read interesting facts that are going on, went on, or what will happen next with the world around us. I thought that there are times though where the PLN can get challenging because I usually can not find an article that catches my attention and gives me the erg to right a good report on it. Now though we got to choose subscriptions of our own and I like that a lot because I get to choose to read something I love and write about it after.
Having class presentations on Fridays are fun to have because we get to hear what our other class mates read and talked about. It helps give ideas too to the audience on where to read their next article. I also like having the presentations because at the end of each one the speaker asks a main question about what they talked about, and I personally feel that that really gets are minds flowing and understanding what the topic was about.
Evaluating myself on my blog doesn’t really help me because I know if I did good or bad and I also have my class mates commenting on my presentation. So I usually just go back and read what they had to say so I can understand what I need to work on for next time I present my PLN’s or anything to an audience.
I don’t access my audio version of my PLN because it never really accrued to me that I should. Now I might start doing an audio version just so I know how I speak when presenting and if I need slow down when I talk or if I mumble, etc.
The categories of the subscriptions are very helpful because they are all in a nice order so then when I go to do a PLN I know where to go if I wanted to talk about something from the Denver Post I could just easily go to the category that says news headlines and look for the Denver Post.
When I don’t complete an assigned PLN it’s because I couldn’t find any good topics that I understood or liked. Also since it is an online homework its easy to get distracted more often. But now I have found new categories to write about that I understand and like and I also have made changes for me not to get distracted anymore on the computer.

samh said...

While doing our PLN posts each week this semester I have realized how helpful it is. It has been great to be able to evaluate what I read and relate it to myself and our world. I was very glad when we got the oppertunity to choose our own subscriptions that we wanted to be able to read about because I was able to choose something that I am interested in, soccer, and it also keeps me up to date with the latest news in the world of soccer. Not only do I enjoy writting my PLN's, I also enjoy the PLN presentations that we do every Friday. I think it is a great way to let the class know wat you have been reading about and how it relates to us as a group. Not to mention when doing my own presentation, I feel like this greatly helps me improve with my public speaking ability which is essential in the real world. After doing your own presentation is is nice to be able to go to your blog and read the constructive critisism of our classmates. I don't find myself listening to the audio versions of our presentations simply because I have never really felt the need though it may help in my futer presentations. On suggestion I would make for next semester is allowing us to be able to choose a few more subscriptions that peak our personal interest.

angelicao said...
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Anna K said...

What I like about doing PLNs is being able to read about real problems or fascinating facts that are happening right now that normally I wouldn't know about and being able to state my opinions on the subject.

Some challenges of PLN's is relating what matters about the post to the world and to my school because most of the main points are the same for school and for around the world.

PLN presentations on Friday are useful in two ways. One is that there are so many interesting post that I'm not able to read about all of them so when my classmates do, they share what the main idea in this post is and their opinion which is really interesting to me. Also, standing up in front of the class is always nerve racking, but it is a good skill to have and the more you do it, the less nervous you will be, which results in a great presentation.

Reflecting on my presentation on my personal blog doesn't help me too much. What really helps me is other peoples comments on my presentation on my blog because many times, I don't notice my mistakes until they are pointed out to me.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to access my audio version of my PLN because I never really though about doing it, but now that this idea has been brought to my attention, I will start listening because it will help to notice what I did wrong in my presentation and what I did right.

I think it helps a lot to read the reactions from my classmates because they are never mean comments, they are helpful comments. They tell me what I'm doing right and what I should improve on.

The categories of my subscriptions are helpful because organization is a key to not wasting time like perusing through each post trying to locate the one specific post you are looking for. Instead, I have organized my posts in a way that I can easily locate the post I am looking for.

So far, I have been doing a good job on completing all my assigned PLN's but maybe some people get distracted easily on the internet so they might just have to learn to focus more.

I am not able to think of any improvements to this method. I think it is beneficial to use in many ways and help us understand the problems in our world today that our generation will have to take on and fix and also help us express our feelings about the many interesting subjects presented to us by many bloggers.

levi said...

what i like most about pln's is i get to see what's going on in the world. being as most of the time i choose bbc news as my subject,i can check on what's happening in iraq and anything else inportant around the globe. there aren't really many challenges to doing pln's. the only problem i have is trying to make what i'm writing about sound interesting. i like all of the presentation subjects everyone picks but sometimes they get really nervous and it effects their presentation. that hardly ever happens though. i really do learn a lot from these pln's when i do them.most of it has to do wth news though

Xavia H2011 said...

Dear Ms. Smith,
I think PLN's are a good way to share our thoughts and to read about new things from various authors an their blogs. Some of thee hard things I think come up are actually finding a blog that I
find interesting. A lot of the posts that I look past are ones on technology or certain meetings these certain authors are going to. So most of the ones I write about have to do with school issues and stuff. The news blogs always have things like, car crashes or things that I don't really want to read due to depressing titles. I was excited when you said that we could pick our own subject of blogs, but when I sat down to find one, I had no idea what I wanted to read about. I am interested in volleyball an art, but I didn't really want to read about the upcoming volleyball games or new art galleries and their new artists. So I'm not sure what I want to read about, but I know I will be sticking with my original bloggers.
the PLN presentations are nice, it is fun to hear what everyone else has to say, but it gets a little boring after a while when some of us choose to talk about the same blogs and you are a bit stumped on how to comment other then what a lot of people say, Good job!, Great ideas! or Good Presentation
Yes I admit, I am guilty of a few of these short and pointless comments, however I have been working on add FEEDBACK!
I don't think my reflection really made my writing better. I kind of already knew what I needed to work on. (though I still need a lot of work on them) But I do think that looking at others blogs sets an example of what you expect, like Angelica's and Anna's.
I have never used the audio version, and I am not sure why, though I have never thought of using it. I suppose I could try it. I don't think the categories of our subscriptions really make a difference. I just don't really pay attention to it at all, but it does help organize.
There are a couple reasons I don't complete some of my PLN's, but I guess they are more excuses than reasons. Sometimes I forget and sometimes I do'n finish them and I don't turn them in since I didn't get them in in the first place. I
am sorry that I don't since the zero's hurt my grade so much. But I know what I need to do so this is my choice to receive a zero.
Things I should work on?
Just my PLN's (and my presentations

seanb said...

While doing the PLN's I have enjoyed looking up articles that interest me and then not only talking about them but also showing my opinion in the story.

A few challenges in PLN’s is trying to relate it to yourself. For example say if you were talking about the war then it would be a little difficult to relate it to yourself unless you had a loved one who was there right now.

Reflecting for me personally has never helped. It is nice that people tell me what they think of my presentation but its almost as if they are obligated to just say good job I hardly ever get comments about what they think about the PLN not just the presentation itself.

No, I do not access the audio version of my presentation. For one I don’t like to hear my voice and two it makes me think about how badly I messed up during m presentation.

Like i said earlier it is helpful to know what they think of my presentation but i do not want them to feel obligated to say good job and end I at that.

The news categories of my subscriptions are helpful because there are so many different articles to read from and seeing how it affects us today its a good way to relate it to us.

When I don’t finish one I either don’t have the time which is a poor excuse or I have any good articles to write about.

Hmmmm... next semester I hope during the presentations we can let the students have total control of the classroom.

alexe said...

Personally I do not like anything about the PLNs, because really it’s only teaching us how to post a blog and type about a current event in the world. And we're not really learning anything about English, mostly just about things other people are blogging about that don’t really relate to English. Some challenges of the PLNs are just being able to expand my own writing, and really talk about "what matters" about a blog. The presentations in class on Fridays are helpful to help you be able to talk in front of a class, but again it’s not really teaching the students in our class anything, in my eyes. But after I present in class and have to do my reflection, it does help me realize that I need practice speaking in front of an audience and that I need to work on my writing and preparation. So far I have not accessed my audio version of my PLN presentation, but I would think it would help. Because then you can listen to the mistakes you made and know what you should work on for your next presentation. Reading the reactions from my fellow classmates really does help, mainly because they are not afraid to tell me what I did wrong and how I can do better next time. The categories of my subscriptions were helpful in the beginning of the year because there were so many blogs to choose from. But now after 21 blogs there really isn’t much of a variety to choose from. When I don’t complete an assigned PLN it’s usually because I have either procrastinated or never got around to it, or because I just couldn't find an interesting blog. Suggestions I could make for next semester is either find something new for us to do or give us more subscriptions that are actually interesting.

alenav said...

Using personal learning networks can be very useful. PLN's broaden our learning and open up new doors for students. We get the opportunity to read about what is happening in the world today, and even in our own school. PLN's help us understand more about what is going on and help us write more personal well thought-out essays.

Challenges of PLN's are finding ones that are informational yet fun and interesting to read. We have been doing PLN's for a few weeks now and finding good PLN's for students are becoming harder to find.

PLN presentations are an excellent way to get to know the students in our classrooms. We get to hear about what our classmates believe and how they think things should work. I think presenting our PLN's is a great way of communication and learning.

Reflecting after we are finished presenting our PLN's can be helpful. After reading what other people have commented on our blog we can go back and reflect on what we can improve on and what we think we did well on. This is the time when we can go into depth about how we did as a presenter.

Personally, I have yet to access my PLN presentation. I haven't accessed this yet because I do not think it will be very helpful to me. I know what I said during my presentation and going back and listening to it may not have any benefit to me. However, it may be helpful to someone else listening to it instead of reading the actual blog entries.

Reading the reflections from my classmates is incredibly useful. Going and reading the reactions to my presentation help me improve and let's me know what to work on and what I am doing well on. I can go back and read what other students think about what I believe and get their personal views.

The categories that our class subscribed to are great posts. I think that broadening our subscriptions can help out even more. Most of our subscriptions are from people that are in Arapahoe and things that are going on here. We should get some posts that are from other places as well.

I have not completed a few PLN's. The reason for this is because I usually forget or procrastinate so much that I have no time left to do it. It is my own fault when I don't complete a post. Partially this is because of laziness.

A suggestion for next semester would be to broaden our horizons and explore more websites and blogs to write about. After this semester posts that are interesting for students are running low.

Jackien2011 said...

I like PLN's because there is a different variety of articles I can read from and learn from. They include recent news articles, technology, school, and learning environments. Some of them express personal thoughts and opinions that get me to really think beyond.
One challenge on PLN's for me are how they connect to me. The articles sometimes, are difficult for me to relate to them and it is hard to think about how to write this.
The PLN presentations are enjoyable to watch, because we get to listen to what everybody's read and learned. Presenting up there for me, can be nerve wrecking. But I still like watching presentations.
Reflecting on my presentations really help me because then I know how I need to improve and do next time.
I have been wanting to access the audio of my presentation, but it is not put up there on the website yet.
It helps me a lot to read my classmates' reactions because they share their opinion of my presentation. And helps me to know what I need to improve.
The categories are my subsriptions are helpful; there are a lot of subjects to choose from. This makes it less boring because then I wouldn't have to look at the one same category each time.
One of my PLN's were incompleted because I mislabeled my numbers for my blogs wrong, even though it was already done.
A suggestion i'd make for next semester, is to try something else that is new. Some things can get tiring and old. New ideas and concepts would make the class more fun.

carterw said...

Mrs. Smith, I like being able to explore the world from my computer. I think one of the most challenging aspects of the "PLN" is tiring to find something I truly enjoy. It's hard to find something to write about when the same thing you wrote about is still up there along with the older posts. I personally love the presentations every Friday. They give me something to look forward to at the end of the week. However, I think that people my self included need not rely so much on there note cards, we should know what we are going to say before we say it. The reflection greatly helps to improve for your next presentation. That way you can make it ten times better. Yes, these help me to figure out were I needed to improve and where I were I need to keep on rolling. Yes, this also helps me improve as well as keep on track. The subscriptions need to be broadened so that we don't have to write about the same things. Other than that the PLN’s are great. After reading some of my class mate’s material I realized that some of them my self included need to write more thought out paragraphs. Others just need to write in paragraph form. PLN, s is a great learning tool that should continue to be used.

kellyS said...

1.I like PLN’s because we get to choose what we want to read and learn about, we don’t just get some boring packet with information that doesn’t interest us and have to take notes on it.
2.A challenge for me sometimes is finding a post that really grabs my attention. Some weeks there will be tons of options and another week maybe not so much so.
3.Well it depends, some days I really enjoy hearing other peoples thoughts and views on their PLN’s but sometimes when it doesn’t seem like they really care it is kind of dull and not as interesting.
4.Reflecting on my own presentation doesn’t really do much for me, but reading other peoples responses do. I know how I did and my classmates and teacher saw how I did so I don’t think that writing up these short reflections is really necessary.
5.I have not listened to any of my presentation recordings, but I did listen to my TIB essay recording and the only thing it did for me was made me realize how weird I sound in recording. I think recording our selves is still a neat idea for others who enjoy listening to them instead of reading our PLN.
6.Like I said in question 4 it does help me to see how other people thought I did. Sometimes you don’t realize how good or bad you were, or don’t notice if you happen to speak fast or fiddle with things so hearing another opinion really helps.
7.I don’t really use the news subscriptions, and will mainly read posts that are more opinion than fact; I think that they are easier to relate to.
8.I usually try to always do my PLN assignments and if I don’t it was purely forgetfulness. I have never gone home and just chose to not do my PLN because I didn’t want to. But I have done really well on keeping up with my PLNs.
9.I heard that we will be commenting on other peoples blogs which I think is a really cool idea, so I’m looking forward to that, besides that I think that the way things are going are great.

laurenp said...

Some things that I like about PLN's are that we get to read about what we want to read about and that we don't have to answer questions about what we read, we just kind of have to reflect and write what we thought. In my mind I think it is harder to answer someone elses questions instead my own. The challenges I have with PLN's are finding something I am interested in and really thinking and knowing what matters from it. A lot of times I sit there for a long time trying to find something that I can really connect to and know that I can post a good blog on it. That is sometimes why I don't do my postings is because I want my posting to be in detail and good, but when I don't have something good and something that I can get into detail with I don't want to post it because the work would not be any good. Our presentations that we do every friday I think are always fun because then you get a different view at things and get to see how out classmates saw a certain situation or how they connected compared to how you connected or saw it. Reflecting on how you did on your presentation helps me because then I really think about what I could do better the next time, also the comments that our classmates give us also help me because these presentations are for them to listen to also. I would want them to understand and relate more when I do it, so to know what they didn't understand or if they couldn't hear than I know that that is something I need to work on for next time so my classmates do understand and are not just sitting there board. Being able to access the audio version of our PLN presentations also help me know what I need to improve on. One suggestion I have for next semester is I think that we should not be so limited to what we read because like I said I have a hard time trying to find a post that I can relate to and that is interesting for me.

Dennis K said...

Plns are most defiantly my favorite homework. They have not only reiterated valuable writing techniques, but they have also positively increased my computer fluency. During my middle school career, my teachers did not emphasize the art of writing to its fullest capacity. We probably wrote a sum of 10 to 15 essays in the whole year! The plns allow me to actually delve into topics of interest and at the same time, enhance my writing capabilities and my computer situated ones also. To me, it is impractical to skim through the masses of blog entries. Looking back, I remember instances where the time required to simply locate a “commentable” entry became greater than the time elapsed during my composition of my responses. I don't understand how this problem could be mended, but if a required topic to comment on would be presented, I would favor this idea. Personally, I do enjoy talking in front of the class. Presenting my plns has instilled confidence, good etiquette and other related entities. My first presentation was obviously a dud when I waddled back and forth in my position. Although true, I now know that this behavior will become penalty. This is great relevant information to know when presenting. It has been a very great opportunity to present plns in class. The comments presented by my piers may sometimes be deceiving, but on the contrary, they mostly give me a reliable insight on my job as a speaker. About the audio file; I had no clue that it even existed. To me, I believed that after grading, the speech was discarded. I will be sure to check out my audio performance to realize mistakes and correct them in advance. I think that separating my subscriptions into groups displays organization, something I favor. I have not ever bothered to not complete my job. By the closing of the year, I believe that if plns are still written on my part, I will become a really excelled writer.

avereel said...

These past 12 weeks have been interesting. There were some things about the PLNs that I didn't really like, but I did enjoy that I can state my personal opinion. It is nice to let out all that steam in a well composed PLN when someone says something unfriendly about what you believe in, especially when it is important to the world around you as well. I still have issues finding articles that relate to both me and the world around me, but that is the main struggle I have. I like the presentations we do on Fridays, they are a little nerve-racking, but it is really cool to see how others feel about your opinions.

I honestly don't think the self-evaluations help me at all. They may help others to improve their presentations, but as far as I am concerned, they just make me feel like a dork. Right after the presentation, I feel pretty confident, but after the evaluation, I have to think to myself "I can't believe you just made a complete fool out of yourself like that. Why in the world would you say something so stupid?" It isn't exactly helpful.

I don't access the audio of my presentation. I hear my voice and think, "geez, where did this all come from?" I am planning to listen to my audio tonight though, as painful as it may be, I have to know what needs to be improved upon in my presentations. Most of the comments I receive from my classmates are pretty helpful. It is easier to hear from them what I need to work on than it is to listen to my own voice, (probably because I end up laughing at how high my voice sounds) Though some of my class mates can be somewhat less than kind with their comments because I did not necessarily agree with them, none of the comments I receive are absolutely hateful, with no helpful hints at all.

I get most of my articles from the news, because the topics there are a lot more interesting to me. The categories of my subscriptions are helpful, because they make it easier to find exactly what I am looking for, so I don't have to sift through every single subscription.

I have been really good about keeping my PLNs up to date. However, I am on construction crew in drama and during the last week before Our Town, I think some of my PLNs might have been a day or two late. This is mostly because I did not get home until 9:00pm every night, and I had been working all day, so functioning until 3:00am every day was impossible.

As far as changing the PLNs next semester goes, I think things are all right as they are. I might suggest not giving them out so frequently. It may be just me, but it is hard to find articles for my PLN, and having to do more than one a week is really stressful. I realize that we have to keep up, but I find it really overwhelming to do multiple PLNs in a week, since the news doesn't necessarily change that much. Other than the frequency of the PLNs being assigned, not much needs to change, and the way we are doing our PLNs now seems pretty good.

berekm said...

1. .What I like about doing PLN’s is that I can share my opinion with people around the world. I also like to know what’s going on around the world.
2. .The main challenge of a PLN for me is finding a good post that reels me in and makes me want to read it. They are hard to find. Also relating certain things to me and to the world can be hard too.
3. .I think having presentations on Fridays is a good idea because on Fridays we usually just want to slack off and go home or just start the weekend. The PLN presentations are fun to listen to and they don’t really need and thinking.
4. .Reflecting on our presentations do help we because we are just writing down what we need to fix and people tend to remember things better when they are written down.
5. .I haven’t listened to my audio presentation yet and I don’t think I will because I don’t need to hear myself say it again if I got a good grade. Even if I got a bad grade and it was because I didn’t look up or I had type O’s in my PLN’s I wouldn’t be able to hear that on my audio. If I got points of for not speaking clearly or loud I would listen though so I could see how much louder I need to be.
6. .It does help me when I read the reactions of my classmates after my presentation because they give good feedback and they give good criticism and I take it all in and try to make the bad things good and the good things better.
7. I think the categories we have chosen are helpful and I can pretty much relate with most articles in the sub scripts.
8. Some times when I or others don’t complete a PLN it might be just because we forgot because we didn’t write it down in our planner like we were supposed to. Also it could be because we don’t know how to post or forgot our password. Then some people are just lazy and don’t do it.
9. For next semester I think that we should have 2 PLN’s a week and that we should have more presentations because those are fun. We should also choose more of what we want to blog about so PLN’s because then they we be easier to relate to.

angelicao said...

1. PLNs are a new and different way for students to express thier beliefs. I really like plns because we get to use computers, its better than doing a worksheet or writing an essay, and I get to choose whatever pln I want and write about it.
2. Some challenges are presenting and relating my plns to the world. sometimes there are topics that seem impossible to relate to the world.
3.Some changes I would like to make is for presentation we dont have to pick a couple PLNs that are similar and then present them. First of all I dont like presenting. Second, I think that it would be better if we had to chose 1 PLN we liked and then talked about it at length and talked to the class about it.
4. Ya it does help because then I can see what I did wrong and how I can improve next time.
5.No i dont access it because my computer at home doesnt have the software to let it work. But if I could access it then i think it would be very interesting to hear what I sound like.
6.Reading thier opinions really helps me improve on my presentation for next time and on my presenting skills.
7.The subscriptions that you had us get are very useful and giev me alots of things to talk about on my blog.
8. I always comlete my plns. But I can understand why other people dont. Its because they always have alot of homework and they think that they can just do it really quick in class. But they shouldnt do that because then you pln isnt as good as it could be when you do it in a hurry.
9.I think that presentations should be changed to the way I talked about earlier and I think that we should be aloud to subscribe to more of our own websites.

ethan l said...

1. I think that PLNs are a good way to help us express our opinions. They can be frustrating at times when you can't find anything to write about but they can be very helpful. They are helping me a lot to raise my grade but only as long as I stay focused and do a good job, otherwise they would just be hurting my grade.

2. Some challenges of PLNs are finding something to write about and also not being able to express what matters about the blog. Sometimes it can be hard to really find the big picture of the post. There isn't always a subject right away to write about but it usually doesn't take that long.

3. I think PLN presentations are good on Fridays because it gives us the entire week to work on them and the class gets the chance to learn about others interesting things. I like that they are pod casted too because it gives other people the chance to hear what we have to say about the subject.

4. Evaluating our presentations helps us to see what we did wrong in our presentations and helps us to fix it. I also like reading the comments that we get from the other students because they they help me to see what we can do better.

5. I have looked at the audio of my presentation. It sort of helped because I think that I was a little to quiet. You can also hear it from the audiences point of view and that helps too because you can see if you needed to more prepared or something like that.

6.It definitely helps to look at what the class said. They usually tell you what you should have done and that helps you to be more prepared for the next presentation. Without the classes comments and the pod casts you wouldn't really know what to do better on the next time you present. So those things are very helpful.

7. The categories are helpful. We can just look at the categories and chose one depending on what we feel like writing about. Plus if the categories weren't there it would be really disorganized and it would be hard to find anything.

8. When I don't complete my PLNs it is usually because I forgot or I turn them in a day late. I have completed almost all of my PLNs except I didn't get the credit for the ones that I turned in a day late.

9. I think that they are fine the way they are. Having two per week helps me get my grade up and you gave us some great subscriptions for us to write about.