Monday, November 19, 2007

Rubrics, rubrics, rubrics

I was sitting in class the other day and had what I like to think of as a Ah-ha moment- or environmentally conscious moment. It was nothing too revolutionary, but here I sat grading presentations on Personal Learning Networks and The Chosen background information as well as previously had graded This I Believe essays. With all of these, I printed out rubrics I had created on the computer. Why did I do this? It seems like a no-brainer that I would use my laptop to assess my students work rather than printing out a rubric and then handwriting illegible comments for my students to later decipher (I actually think I have nice handwriting but I guess my students would beg to differ on the writing they see). This is a change I want to make. I want to be able to use the rubrics online and then comment directly on them.

No big in depth revelation here- just an easy solution.

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Miller said...

Hi: I've been reading your blog recently and I've enjoyed your thoughts and ideas. My students handed in papers in November and I was absent for a few days so I told them to e-mail them to me. At first, I began printing them out to grade them. However, like you, I soon realized why bother. I began leaving comments right on their papers with Word's comment feature. It was cleaner and prevented me from making all those random marks like commas or other minor error notations. Then I printed out their papers with the comments on them.

What would be great is if I could establish some kind of system where they got back the electronic copy, it might be easier for them to revise. One idea I did have was for students to do peer revision in this manner in class. They could swap laptops and comment directly on their partners' papers. Again, not an "in depth revelation here - just an easy solution."

Thanks for your thoughts. :)

Bing Miller