Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reworking My Job Prospectus

Colby who is completing this project as my interviewer, has been fabulous helping me flush out y ideal job. After the first go around and subsequent Skype sessions, I feel better about where this job is headed:

Model classroom teacher and learner
The ideal candidate will be a well-qualified, veteran teacher who is engaged in 21st century teaching and learning that will create a model public school classroom where other teachers can learn from the teacher and his/her students. Additionally,
· Minimum of five years of classroom teaching experience in Language Arts or similar experience.
· Demonstrated experience with various on-line technologies and computer programs (Microsoft Office Suite, blogging, wikis, etc…)
· Connect his/her classroom to 21st century practices (see ISTE standards [teachers and students] and NCTE standards)
· Dialogue before and after with observers in order to provide the opportunity for reflective growth.
· Excellent written and oral communication skills
· Travel around the country and world to spread the message of 21st century teaching and learning practices as well as examples of exemplary work the classroom is producing.
· Present at conferences, schools and universities.
· Contribute to the academic world through writing about practices in journals and publications.
· Participant in various on-line communities (blogging, Twitter, Ning, etc…)
· Model continuous learning through attending various educational technology conferences and pursuing further educational learning opportunities.
· Demonstrate evidence of a reflective practioner who is continues to learn and grow.
· Evaluation of job performance is conducted by administrators and students
· Collaborate with faculty to promote interdisciplinary teaching and learning.
· A Bachelors degree and teachers certification from an accredited university
· Masters degree in education or related field
Preferred related skills and experience:
· Online presence in various social networking and professional organizations
· Background in public speaking
· Experience in mentoring other teachers in 21st century technologies and classrooms
· Experience in creating collaborative work environments working with teachers, administrators, staff.
This is a salaried position based off the Littleton Public Schools Salary Schedule. Additional salary is gained beyond the structured step scale through model classroom observations and speaking engagements.


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