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Cycle 3 note card reflection intro-3

Note card reflection 2/18/09
Only 11 of the kids had completed the writing up to this point on their change the world position paper to receive the dual feedback Randon and I were giving them, so this data set is limited to those 11 kids out of a class of 23 kids. This was their last editing session where they received feedback from Randon and I. Randon gave his feedback on his set of papers, and I gave feedback on my set and then we compared sets before handing the papers back to the kids. Randon wrote the questions for this reflection of the feedback for the intro -3rd body.
1. Name
2. On a scale of 1-5 with five being the highest, how helpful has the double feedback been?
a. 5-3 respondents
b. 4- 7 respondents
c. 3-1 respondent
d. 2
e. 1
Reflection: I am slightly disappointed that only 11 kids out of the class are up to this point and ready to move along with the paper. The paper is due the next week. What is going to happen if they don’t get the assignment done? Is the multiple revision policy not working in their best interests? I know the writing needs to be a process but I worry about them getting so far behind that it will be daunting to try and catch up. Hopefully our 1-1 days will help them catch up with extra time writing, revising and working with either Randon or myself. I am glad to see such high numbers in regards to the feedback and how helpful it has been. That is really encouraging about the kinds of feedback they are receiving.
3. Are the two sets of feedback overwhelming? Why?
a. Yes- 5
1. They are still a little because it is hard when we have two different thoughts.
2. Because they do not always mesh
3. Because they are
4. There is so much paper
5. It is like pleasing two different people
b. No-6
1. They say almost the same thing
2. They help a lot I think
3. Sometimes confusing because you don’t know what to write if both write something different
4. No
5. They give just enough feedback
6. It is helpful to get both
Reflection: This makes me think that maybe we should do dual feedback for those that really want both perspectives and those who do not, they can submit one paper. I wonder if it would make a difference to have all the feedback on one paper rather than the students submitting two papers with two sets. Randon and I could have alternated between who adds comments first to see if that would make a difference.

4. Would you rather prefer one teacher feedback ? Why?
a. Yes-4
i. Because only one person is grading my paper
ii. Because I feel overwhelmed and need as little as possible
iii. Because then it is not so much information
iv. IDK
b. No-6
i. This way you get double ideas
ii. No
iii. I like the double feedback
iv. Two is perfect
v. It is helpful to get both
vi. Prefer more time
c. Different response and suggestion-2
i. More one to one time
ii. More time
Reflection: The same four responses that were in the yes category of this question were in the yes category of the previous question. I think the reason I see kids struggling with the dual feedback is that there is too much for some kids to handle. Two sets of feedback and, with their struggles in writing, might be too overwhelming. With the kids that responded that they wouldn’t prefer only one teacher’s feedback, I wish there was more expansion on their ideas. Maybe asking them specifically “why” it is more helpful to them and their writing. Can they see a connection between the dual sets of feedback and improving as a writer or as a learner?

5. What is the one thing we can do to improve your feedback on these paragraphs?
a. Put it on one piece of paper
b. Read each other’s feedback so there is not double feedback on the same thing.
c. Help answer our questions and give us work time
d. Be consistent
e. One to one time
f. Write neater, I can’t understand what you are writing.
g. Nothing
h. Look over each others feedback
i. Feedback is very helpful
j. Give examples
Reflection: it is interesting because a few people commented on randon and I looking over each other’s feedback which we do, but they are not seeing some consistency with our feedback. I wonder if our language in our comments is different and that is the reason why? Or is it the amount of feedback and so it seems different in the manner and style in which it is written?

6. Is this more or less helpful in your writing? Why?
a. More-10
i. Helpful because I know my errors
ii. It is still helpful
iii. I think it is more helpful. I just don’t think the specific order our paragraphs have to be in
iv. More helpful because both of you give different ideas
v. It shows what I need to fix
vi. I see all the grammatical errors
vii. More
viii. It gives us more ways to better our writing
ix. It is helping me to see all of my mistakes from 2 different people’s points of view
x. Between the two feedbacks more mistakes are caught
b. Less-1
i. Less helpful because it is hard getting two different thoughts on each sentence

Reflection: Interestingly, on the previous two questions the kids were basically split 50-50 in their responses about the helpfulness of dual feedback, but in this last question resoundingly the kids feel that it is better for their writing. So why the difference? What could bring about the disparity? Is it that they do not like the multitude of responses but value the feedback? So, if we could combine the feedback into one document, would that make a difference?

On our first feedback, we did it this way having only one paper turned into us, and then I did the feedback first. We realized afterwards though we weren’t really looking at feedback between Randon and I because we weren’t aware of his original feedback thoughts. He just followed my thoughts. Now, we sit down with our two sets and compare the two sets seeing what commonalities and disparities we have and then add comments to our paper set before we return it to the students. So , I would think our feedback would be similar since we have gone over the feedback ahead of time.

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