Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ED 665: Week 8

In your ARP, are your learners engaged in their learning? Why or why not?

In my ARP, my students are engaged in their learning at times. I think one of the challenges with the ARP is that all of first semester it was just me teaching my kids and interacting with them about my AR. But now, I have a student teacher and the transition has been more challenging for my students to be engaged learners. There was a difference between the way I taught and the way my student teacher instructs the class. However, thinking back I know there are times when my students were not engaged learners in my own class. This could be a result of not clear expectations on assignments, kids needing to blow of steam, work completion not done so kids are behind, etc… I do see my students much more engaged this year than the have been for the past couple of years. I think one reason why is that they know they are part of my AR work. I have spoken with them many times that I can’t succeed in this project without them. We are all in this together. This has created buy in and a special bond for me and my students together. A perfect example of this is that I needed some students to interview with me about the cycle three work they have done with the multiple revision policy. I wasn’t sure any student would want to talk with me, but before I knew it, I had 8 kids sign up wanting to interview giving me their feedback personally. Also, the students readily give feedback about each step of the process throughout my AR work. So, in a sense they are engaged, but at times.

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