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Cycle 3 notecards intro-1

Note card reflection 2/11 after the received dual feedback from Randon and I on intro -1. This is the first time the kids are writing such a large paper and this is also the first time Randon has taught writing. My instruction has been limited to mentoring Randon and helping him teaching writing in the class.

The kids had received our feedback on their intro paragraphs before the intro-1st body paragraph reactions. The difference in the feedback this time was that we did it separately on two documents each giving our own feedback without seeing what the other was giving feedback on. The initial time we gave feedback we did it on the same document where I gave the initial feedback and Randon responded afterwards. I reflected about process earlier as did Randon.

Randon created the question below and we had kids respond on a note card in class about their thoughts and reactions to the process.

22 kids responded out of 23 kids. Male to female ration of class 13 males and 10 females.

1. Name
2. On a scale of one to five with five being the highest. How helpful has the double feedback been?

a. 5-6
b. 4-9
c. 3-4
d. 2-1
e. 1-1
f. Nothing- 1
Reflection: I am not sure about their reactions to the feedback. Was the quantity of feedback too overwhelming? Most of the class felt that it was helpful and meaningful but I am wondering for those that are 1-3, what did they need to make it more meaningful? I am glad for a majority of the class the feedback was helpful and really focused them on the right track as far as their writing. They have never written such a large paper before; I am really hoping that having two sets of feedback and two teachers to assist them in the writing process will be incredibly beneficial and work towards making them more successful learners. We should be able to meet all their learning needs here.

3. Are the two sets of feedback overwhelming? Why?
a. No- 12
i. It is helpful to see two points of view
ii. They help me know what to do
iii. I know what I need to work on for both of you
iv. One teacher may catch something that the other teacher missed
v. I know what I did wrong
vi. It gives two points of view of view on what you have done and what you can improve
vii. They are both saying almost the same thing
viii. no
b. A little-3
i. It is a little overwhelming. There are so many things that need to be fixed by the next day
ii. It can be hard fixing one of them
iii. Kind of overwhelming because they are not always the same
c. Yes- 5
i. There is too much
ii. There is so much to change
iii. It is very overwhelming
iv. It is a lot to take in
v. there is so many things to look at
d. Didn’t answer question-2
Reflection: It is good to see that over half the class fins the dual feedback helpful and meaningful. But I still think there has to be a way to meet all kids needs as far as feedback. Maybe next year or on their next writing assignment, I can find out what kind of feedback they would prefer and then we (Randon and I) work towards meeting that need.

4. Would you rather prefer one teacher feedback? Why?
a. No-13
i. There wouldn’t be enough
ii. I like a lot of advice
iii. It is still good to get double feedback
iv. No
v. This gives me more info on what I need to do
vi. Each person gives slightly different feedback and the more feedback I get the better I can make my paper
vii. I get two sides of my essay
viii. It is fine
ix. I think that having it from two teachers gives you more info
x. I like both points
xi. I prefer both because sometimes there are things missed by one teacher and caught by the other
xii. Prefer double feedback
b. Yes-5
i. Less overwhelming
ii. I would get just what is required of me from Mr. Ruggles
iii. Probably
iv. Not so overwhelming for me
v. Only one teacher is grading the paper not two
c. Doesn’t matter-3
i. Doesn’t matter (2)
ii. If you say different things, it doesn’t matter
d. Didn’t answer-1
Reflection: 3 of the kids that marked that the amount of feedback was overwhelming, marked that they would not prefer only one teacher’s feedback. This is really interesting because I wonder if they think even with the quantity of feedback they know it is valuable and will make them a better writer. They are just not excited about the amount of work associated with dual feedback. I am glad to see so many kids appreciate the dual feedback and see it’s connection to helping them improve their writing. I am just wondering if there is a better format that the feedback needs to happen in so that it is not to overwhelming for some and as satisfactory for others.

5. What is one thing we can do to improve your feedback on these paragraphs and why?
a. Feedback and a half
b. Write in print so I can read it
c. Give us more time
d. Both do it on one sheet
e. It is good feedback
f. One to one things with everybody
g. To improve I am going to fix all the feedback
h. More one on one
i. It is good
j. Edit and help me on the things I need help with
k. Feedback has been very helpful
l. Explain more
m. Explain some things
n. Focus more on format
o. Point out different things and help explain ways to fix it
p. Nada
q. I don’t know
r. More explanation on why the things need to be fixed
s. The second teacher read the first teachers feedback and write new things so there is no repeated feedback
t. Be more specific in your feedback and write everything you think about it
u. elaborate

After these feedback sessions, we started having one to one sessions in the hallways with the kids who are behind or are ahead depending on how Randon wanted to approach the day. The first few times, I went into the hallway to try and catch the kids up, and the other times Randon stayed in the class with the kids that were behind. We collected feedback and goal sheets with this 1-1 time and I need to analyze those results as well. There is so much feedback for me. It is like I am the kid getting all the feedback and trying to find the best way to put it all together.
I know next year with having only one teacher back in the classroom, the feedback piece will be tough to continue. One thing MR and I talked about was how to teach my students to become better editors and I think that is one thing that has taken a back seat this year with Randon and I working on helping him become a better teacher. I know I really want to find a way next year to continue the 1-1 time and maybe that is one way to continue the feedback in a manner that meets those students needs without overwhelming myself or the students.

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