Thursday, September 13, 2007

After being introduced to online notations it is my personal opinion that online notation benefits my learning experience in a more progressive way than using the actual book. Online notation is being able to type annotations in comment boxes right along side the text. With the regular book I would have to use sticky notes and mark up my book with illegible handwriting. It is also very time consuming to interrupt reading the book to take out a sticky note, write your thoughts, and then continue on. With online notations I can type my thoughts directly onto the sheet without losing my train of thought. Something else I have found extremely helpful is that it is easier to clarify the content of the book through online notations. In the side comments one can work through their thoughts using the many resources the computer offers to understand the text. Everything is crisp and clear in an easy to understand format. It is easily transferable and my learning can continue without the aid of a teacher outside the classroom. Technology is a massive part of the world today and by incorporating it into the school systems that is truly preparing us for the future. Here is an example of online notation. I am able to work through what Macbeth is saying to better understand the text.

The service and the loyalty I owe,[k1] In doing it, pays itself. Your highness' partIs to receive our duties; and our dutiesAre to your throne and state children and servants,Which do but what they should, by doing every thingSafe toward your love and honour[k2] .

[k1]Feudal system. King Duncan has two sons Malcolm and Donalban. Thane is not that high in the system. But he owes his life to the kings his thane from when the king granted him land and Macbeth swore allegiance

[k2]Nice fa├žade of complete loyalty when he was thinking of killing Duncan. Duncan welcomes him with open arms. His downfall is trusting too much.

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