Thursday, September 13, 2007

Online Notations

In my opinion, the online text is much more convenient, useful, resourceful, and helpful. The text is more convenient in a way that you don’t have to go and buy your own copy of the book and carry it around with you with sticky notes and a pen all the time. I love having access to my notes whenever I’m near a computer. Even if I don’t have my notes I can always access the text online. It is more useful because the online has the option of having the new English right beside the old English where our book only has the old English. You have nothing to help explain the old English version. Some books do have both of the interpretations but the online text allows you to annotate and compare both of the versions without having to draw a line from one page to the next. How many kids get to say that when they were studying Macbeth they got to have their notes with them all the time, in an easy to edit format, and get to continue learning outside the classroom? All I know is that I am one of the few. I am usually a good student, but with the added technology my learning possibilities have doubled or tripled. Not that I don’t like learning, but it has become more enjoyable now because of my online text and notations. I have learned more in these last couple weeks than in most semesters of regular classes. It is such an innovation to have this technology in the classroom, let alone for freshman, but it really does seem like the logical conclusion when we step back and take a look at how our world is progressing. We have so much technology in our world today and it seems like the school systems are taking their sweet time catching up. Imagine how many more students would stay in school all the way through high school and into college if every kid had the ability to learn with a laptop and online information. Kids would no longer have to confine learning to the classroom – they would be responsible for their own education.

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