Monday, September 10, 2007

PLC questions

Jessie and Brian asked our 21c group to respond to the following questions regarding establishing mission/vision:
  1. When I leave this school, I would like to be remembered for...I would like to remembered for helping students and staff members reach beyond their potential. I want to be the person who helped them see complacency is unacceptable. I want to be remembered as someone who was innovative in their classroom and pushed students to achieve more than they thought possible. I want to be remembered as someone who not only taught but learned from her students and colleagues.

  2. I want my school to be a place is expected to try new things, and that you are supported while doing so. I want my shcool to be a place where we trust our teachers to do thier jobs and trust kids to do theirs. I want my school to be a place of creativity and innovation. A place where learning doesn't seem confind to the bells of the school day. I want my school to be a place where we all learn from one another. I want my school to be a compassionate school where we care as much about the students while they are in our class as well as outside the class.

  3. The kind of school I would like my own child to attend would... be a place where they feel like they can grow as a learner and don't have to wait to for others to catch up (Emma wants to learn math right now, but her teacher told her she has to wait- they aren't there yet ), be a place where teachers are encouragers and motivators, recognize their uniqueness/individuality, appreciate the whole child not jsut the academic side

  4. The kind of school I would like to teach in would... be one that pushes and encourages me to learn more, challenges me to be the best teacher I can be, supports my family life time, encourages its staff to try new things, give time for teachers to talk to one another, trusts its teachers and treats them like adults(see T. Sale's post), 21st century ready-teachers and students with laptops, students and teachers see each other as continual learners, staff supports staff, students leave prepared with skills and knowledge that will allow for them to be adaptable/ fungable and a positive participant in their future, and one with windows.

This is just the beginning. I think it would very beneficial to have my seniors and freshman complete this from their perspective to see what they feel about school and they way it should be.

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