Sunday, September 16, 2007

Electronic Essay Editing

I am a student in Ms. Smith’s 9th grade honors class. This past week we wrote essays comparing 3 film versions of Macbeth. After writing our essays, we put them on USB drives and brought them to school. We then uploaded them from our USB’s and exchanged papers. This way we could take them home and edit them on the computer.
I personally like this process. It was fairly quick and easy. In previous years, when writing essays, I had to print mine out and physically give to someone to take it home to edit. Many times the person editing mine would lose it. When putting on the USB, it was easier to keep track of.
Plus Ms. Smith showed us how to make comments on each others papers (click view, toolbars, reviewing, and use the icon of the folder.) I liked this because it allows you to highlight errors or make suggestions without actually altering the person’s paper.
In the end, we were able to return the persons paper and remove it from our USB. It was a simple and painless process and a lot easier than dealing with a hard copy of an essay. This is an excellent method of editing.

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